UPS Systems

Start up

PPS offers Start Up services for critical power systems. We ensure that your UPS systems are installed properly and in accordance with all appropriate National, State and Local codes. We will also ensure that your entire critical power system operates properly. This includes verifying phase rotation AND sequence across all power systems including generators, maintenance bypass circuits, and PDU’s. We will also functionally test the equipment to ensure the systems work together, and without fault.

Finally, all manufacturer requirements will be verified to validate warranty compliance, and customer training will be provided on the systems and equipment. We realize that there is a fine line between adequate testing and risk. However the system start up is the time to get it right, and you can be sure it will be right when it’s done by PPS.

preventive Maintenance

preventive maintenance can help you maximize your battery life and uptime by proactively identifying and eliminating potential problems. We will also help you to maximize your battery warranties. PPS will design a preventive maintenance package that best fits your particular needs. We use state-of-the-art test and diagnostic equipment and the results are detailed for you in a usable format. We schedule the preventive maintenance visits around your schedule and will let you know immediately if any issues are discovered. Results and recommendations are delivered promptly after our Two-Stage Review Process.

Our Field Service Engineers perform all preventive and remedial maintenance.

Service Contracts

PPS will customize a service solution to fit your budget. Call us today!