Battery Replacement

Most Common Failures

Data centers and critical power equipment are impacted every year as a result of battery failure. Our maintenance contract programs enable our engineers to trend the capacity and performance of your battery systems and pinpoint the condition of your batteries.

Our battery maintenance service includes Load Bank Testing and Battery Run Time Testing, which allow you to more accurately assess your batteries’ performance capacity and determine how much time you will have in the event your utility power is disrupted. During our service contract periods, we regularly review your system history to let you know exactly when your batteries are nearing the end of their life and need replacing. PPS has an extensive stock of new batteries in our warehouse and provides nationwide delivery, installation, removal and recycling services to keep your critical power systems up-and-running.

PPS also has a strong battery-recycling program and recycles batteries from all manufacturers. We are in compliance with all EPA disposal requirements and will provide an audit trail upon request.

All PPS service plans are compatible with IEEE Standards for batteries: IEEE 1188 for VRLA batteries and IEEE 450 for flooded batteries.